Country Diesel Maintenance (CDM) was formally established in Alice Springs in 1992 by a diesel mechanic as a quality mechanical repair business. In the early years we performed a lot of work for remote communities and for people living and working in remote locations.
After seeing many vehicles breakdown immediately after being serviced in their town workshops, it became evident that the vehicles and machines working in these environments require more thorough servicing than the dealership recommends and more than the average mechanic is generally able to offer.
As a result of this, we developed a system that is more thorough than most workshops offer. Our system was designed specifically with the aim to make vehicles safer and more reliable in the bush. The attitude required to be able to perform this type of servicing is well cultured in our workplace and is one of our strengths.
We like to spend time getting to know our customers, so we can provide the kind of service that specifically caters to their personal requirements. Our team is fully aware that each and every owner has their own needs and budgets. Through regular communication, we try to individually tailor the servicing to the vehicle and owner's needs. We also have the integrity to ensure that all the work we have been paid to do is actually undertaken, as we are aware there are dishonest mechanics who claim for services they haven't provided.
Our system is flexible and can be applied to a wide range of equipment, ensuring that all machinery gets the same quality service. All of our work is documented and recorded in our system. Our customers get a detailed account of the work done and where applicable, a written report.
Now, over 22 years later, we still perform that service day in, day out. This has resulted in our building a consistent customer base ranging from small private owners wishing to maintain their 4WD's in top condition, all the way through to vast multi-national companies requiring high-end technical repairs to large fleets of vehicles.
We are mostly town based, undertaking repairs from our workshop, but still have the mobility to work in remote areas if the need arises.
CDM is a small business with a limited number of employees, but we believe this is beneficial for our customers, as the quality of service we provide remains consistent. We work together as a team and are continually training our staff. Our team pride themselves on being adaptable to changing situations and new technologies.
We are based in a workshop that is clean and modern, along with being well equipped for a wide range of servicing and repairs. Our equipment is technologically advanced, updated and serviced regularly and we are continually expanding our range. We have a fully sealed clean room for assembling critical components such as engines, differentials and transmissions.