One of the strengths of the Spitwater products is their functionality in conjunction with the size of their service network. CDM's history with Spitwater initially began as the service agent for central Australia and then later developed to become the sales agent as well, with which we acquired full dealership status.
The reputation that Spitwater has built in our area is largely due to the quality servicing and support that CDM has provided over the many years we have been their agents. We continue to work closely with Spitwater to ensure that our customer's machines stay in top condition to perform their daily work.
We have over 2000 machines working in our area, keeping our local businesses clean, safe and happy and our service shop busy with regular servicing and repairs. Our business stocks a large range of spare parts in conjunction with a vast selection of new machines.
If you have any queries on this product or our service workshop, please contact us. If you would like to view the full range of Spitwater products, or download brochures or specifications for your machine, please visit: www.spitwatersa.com.au